Lots Happening At St Katharine Docks During The Classic Boats Festival.

St Katharine Docks Boat Festival 2017
St Katharine Docks Boat Festival 2017

There will be lots of activity and bubble at the forthcoming Classic Boats Festival early in September. Full details are on the link below. If you would like to see lots of pics of last year, please go to my other website here: http://www.thestoryofstkatharinedocks.com/

Music At The Tower Of London


Yeoman Warder leads procession into the Chapel Royal at the Tower of London
Chaplain, Choir And Congregation In Procession To The Chapel Royal At The Tower Of London, On Palm Sunday.

This is the second in a new series of four free Talks about a year in the life of the Tower Of London. Most of us know and cherish the Tower, but fewer appreciate how complicated this unique, historical tourist attraction is to run. This second Talk will discuss why the choir is among the very best of its type and describe the range of music on offer, including the numerous concerts. It will also feature some of the ceremonial, military music played and the contribution made by young musicians. Please come along and enjoy this light but informative Talk. Many people have commented that my book, Poppies, Pomp and People makes a fine present for relatives, friends overseas and anyone looking forward to visiting the Tower. It is cheaper to purchase the book from me direct or through my website and I am pleased to sign your copy personally if you want to buy.

Free tickets and information about this Talk can be obtained from  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/music-at-the-tower-of-london-tickets-36452020976

Video About The Tower of London

This video has just been given to me as a gift by a talented young man from Moldova called Ilie Tilica. He read my book Poppies Pomp and People and loved visiting the Tower of London; he says he really enjoyed making this video and hopes others will enjoy it-

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New To WordPress + Brought Back From The Brink!

Just reluctantly upgraded to ‘business’ level yesterday evening and hoped to rely on the ‘chat’ system to help me with a change I regarded as important. To my dismay, I only received an answer that ‘they were working on it.’ I sent several other messages without success and wasting a lot of time,  then later checked my emails and found message answers saying ‘be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.’ I collapsed exhausted in bed for the night, dreading a further lost battle the next day. On opening my emails this morning, I was saved from further despair by a WordPress email from  Chaitanya- he gave me the simple information that the service was ‘unmanned at the time I was trying + helpfully gave the information I was seeking. I have thanked Chaitanya for using his initiative and asked him to point out to his senior colleagues that a simple reply to my chat request could have let know that support wasn’t available at that time.

Yes I am quite elderly and not extra computer / website savvy, but can still write good books etc. Am I half daft not to have understood and sat like a stuffed duck waiting for a reply that wouldn’t come? Would a course in clairvoyance help maybe? Should I gracefully give up altogether and just buy a shawl and sit in a rocking chair staring at poor television for the rest of my days?