My Talk At The Guildhall Library Yesterday

Christopher West Talking At The GuildhallLibrary in London
Christopher West Talking At The Guildhall Library in London

My thanks to the excellent audience yesterday at the Guildhall Library. I always enjoy giving Talks there and people were delighted to see my own treasured ceramic Poppy. These Talks are for anyone who wants to come, not just to sell and promote my book, but for anyone interested to learn more about life at The Tower Of London. My next Talk will be at the Barbican Library on the 20th September, then at the Guildhall Library on the 28th September. To buy the book, click here.For details about further Talks, click here.


Music At The Tower Of London


Yeoman Warder leads procession into the Chapel Royal at the Tower of London
Chaplain, Choir And Congregation In Procession To The Chapel Royal At The Tower Of London, On Palm Sunday.

This is the second in a new series of four free Talks about a year in the life of the Tower Of London. Most of us know and cherish the Tower, but fewer appreciate how complicated this unique, historical tourist attraction is to run. This second Talk will discuss why the choir is among the very best of its type and describe the range of music on offer, including the numerous concerts. It will also feature some of the ceremonial, military music played and the contribution made by young musicians. Please come along and enjoy this light but informative Talk. Many people have commented that my book, Poppies, Pomp and People makes a fine present for relatives, friends overseas and anyone looking forward to visiting the Tower. It is cheaper to purchase the book from me direct or through my website and I am pleased to sign your copy personally if you want to buy.

Free tickets and information about this Talk can be obtained from



Why we must remember. This article recaps  what happened and explains why. We should all try to understand our past and appreciate how many people gave their lives to give us what we have today. In the UK, we have the opportunity to show our respect when we buy our poppies each year. As a Nation, we do this well, supporting the British Legion with money, proudly wearing our poppies. Many thousands of people are visiting the area this weekend. Our appreciation, thanks and respect go with them.




Ravens At The Tower Of London

P1050637 (2)Yes, the raven is on the roof. Though I have seen them flying short distances, I am told that this height was probaly achieved by hopping from lower levels at the rear of the building. What do you know about them? Why are they imporant according to legend? What else do you know about them? Enjoy these further pictures below.

Music At The Tower Of London

There is an excellent short season of music at the Tower; yesterday, three different groups of young people performed to a very high standard. Inside the Tower, girls from the Mossbourne Academy Orchestra played traditional tunes, while outside, passers-by were delighted with Burford School’s vibrant Jazz Band and at different times, the Woolwich Squadron Band +Corps of Drums came marching out of the Tower for their performances on the Wharf.

This well organised and high performance level event is great for the Tower and the public, as well as a unique opportunity for these young musicians to perform in such an inspirational setting. Each group performed three times in this coordinated programme, entertaining huge numbers of people, giving great pleasure to all.



Video About The Tower of London

This video has just been given to me as a gift by a talented young man from Moldova called Ilie Tilica. He read my book Poppies Pomp and People and loved visiting the Tower of London; he says he really enjoyed making this video and hopes others will enjoy it-

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Charles Dickens And The Tower Of London

Raven Tower of London


In 2012 the third raven to be named after Charles Dickens’ own pet arrived at the Tower of London.  Dickens featured Grip in Barnaby Rudge.

The original Grip had a passion for paint, which sadly led to his death because he would tear it off furniture and eat it. Dickens had Grip stuffed and kept him nearby in his office and bought a replacement which was not so popular with his numerous children because they bit their ankles. Following the death of the great author, Grip was sold at auction.

Dickens also had a passion for geraniums and would, I guess, be delighted with the displays of them today at the Tower.



Beating The Bounds, Ascension Day, 2017.


Governor+Beating The Bounds 2017

This ancient ceremony has taken place every three years for hundreds of years, reconfirming the boundary of the Tower of London. This year, the school children  taking part were from the Central Foundation Girls School in Tower Hamlets. The Procession was lead by the Governor and Chief Yeoman Warder and Yeoman Body. They were joined by the Deputy Governor, Tower Chaplain and Sexton, Director of Music and Choir, staff and families and Chapel congregation. This historic event was again most enjoyable and delighted the thousands of people onlooking, as the procession passed by. The ceremony is well explained here, on the Historic Royal Palaces website.