Shocking ‘Future Dust’ Artwork At St Katharine Docks


Important artwork, Future Dust, Displaying Unwanted Items Thrown Into The Water.
Future Dust, Artwork,Displaying Unwanted Plastic And Metal Items Thrown Into The Water.

Featured at this year’s Classic Boats Festival at St Katharine Docks, this shocking display shows all kinds of discarded plastic and other items, previously thrown into the water. Presented in cages, it illustrates the need for urgent attention to avoid damaging the environment. The following quotation is taken from the website linked below.

‘Plastic pollution is a timely, global environmental issue affecting the Thames, waterways and oceans. The World Economic Forum has predicted there will be more plastic than fish in the sea in weight by 2050. 

Artist Maria Arceo will highlight this in Future Dust a large-scale artwork responding to the sheer scale of plastic litter that is being deposited into the Thames. The installation will tour to different riverside locations across London and will be illuminated at dusk by Dutch interactive light artist Tim Scheffer.’

Thanks to the artist, Totally Thames and St Katharine Docks for featuring this and bringing it closer to our attention.

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Excellent 2017 Classic Boats Festival Here At St Katharine Docks

Bril;liant Spectacle of Classic Boats at St Katharine Docks for 2017
Classic Boats Festival, St Katharine Docks 2017

We have all had a wonderful few days here at St Katharine’s, with more than forty classic boats of all kinds, including the Queen’s Row Barge Gloriana, the only coal fired tug, a fireboat and many others, also featuring fourteen of the ‘Dunkirk Veterans’ who helped save more than 330000 British and French soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk during the Second World War, topically recalled in the excent new film ‘Dunkirk.’ There was also an ambitious music programme, including great concerts given on Marble Quay by the British Youth Jazz Band. Congratulations to Paul Tetlow the General Manager and Claire Daniels, his Events Manager for organising this finest entertainment and spectacle for us to enjoy and savour. Pictures of last year’s festival can be seen here.


Lots Happening At St Katharine Docks During The Classic Boats Festival.

St Katharine Docks Boat Festival 2017
St Katharine Docks Boat Festival 2017

There will be lots of activity and bubble at the forthcoming Classic Boats Festival early in September. Full details are on the link below. If you would like to see lots of pics of last year, please go to my other website here:

Gipsy Moth IV At St Katharine Docks

Gipsy Moth IV, in which Sir Francis Chichester sailed the world single handed, is here at St Katharine Docks to enjoy until Tuesday- refitted, she looks magnificent. Come and see if you are nearby, well worth a visit. The Queen knighted Sir Francis at Greenwich, using Sir Francis Drake’s sword. Make sure you look at their website. #stkatharinedocks

Reprieve For Enamel Panels At St Katharine Docks.

These colourful enamel panels, by Dale Devereux Barker,  were created in vitreous enamel, with the help of four nearby schools. The children were shown archive pictures provided by the Museum of London and then created their own, to be included on these fine panels, which are greatly admired by the public. More pics here. 

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London On Water Exhibition At St Katharine Docks

P1050353 (2)

Lots of good quality and interesting things to see in the excellent, historic setting of Marble Quay here at St Katharine Docks. The range is attractive, from learning how to get started on the water to admiring the luxury cars on display. While here you can also be recalling how this space was previously used in the old days when marble, elephant tusks and exotic feathers were traded here. To purchase The Story Of St Katharine’s, press here → #thestoryofstkatharine‘s.

New Dokke Restaurant at St Katharine Docks, deserves extra special mention.



The new Dokke Restaurant, recently opened at St Katharine Docks, deserves extra special mention. Chef Neil Wager is the new owner and is now totally absorbed running his restaurant; he shows boundless experience and flair and seems to be off to a flying start. What people may not be aware of, is the previous months and months of long hours,stripping back and preparing the ‘shell’ of the building leased to him; which dates back to the early 1850’s when Ivory House was built. I briefly chatted with Neil many times during that period, when he was beavering away scraping walls, sawing wood etc and guess that this labour was part of what he wanted, to make himself part of the place, to identify and grow into it, which he has achieved. There has been a ‘dokke’ at St Katharine’s for many hundreds of years, helping the previous community of 4000 residents to trade and thrive until it was all thrown aside to make way for the famous Telford Docks, which opened in 1828. Neil knows that many of the worlds luxury items, including oriental herbs, spices, teas and brandies, were traded and stored near where his customers are now enjoying their meals and fine views of the Marina. So Neil has already well earned his place in St Katharine’s, bringing to us his own international knowledge and culinary ideas.

Dokke Restaurant, St Katharine Docks, London
Excellent new restaurant, recently opened at St Katharine Docks.

Charles Dickens’ Famous Quote about Injustice

Dickens was driven predominantly by his loathing of ‘injustice.’ Fundamental to his character, it deeply motivated his writing and guided much of his thinking process. It likely fed his extraordinary drive and energy. The quotation is arguably one of the most motivational on record and relevant to us all.

This film was recorded in St Katharine Docks several years ago and yes, it is me behind the whiskers.


Thursdays Is Cafe Rouge Book Signing Morning.

20161229-DSC02833On Thursday mornings I’m usually to be found at Cafe Rouge, St Katharine Docks, between 10 a.m. and noon. Some people drop in to purchase one of the books, others to ask questions or to chat about The Tower of London or St Katharine’s and its history. Do come in and say hello if you are nearby, I love sharing knowledge in the subjects I’m obvio9usly enthusiastic about..