The Moat At The Tower Of London And How It Is Used Today


Using the Moat at the Tower to grow vegetables during the Second World War
The Moat During The Second World War

This old photo shows vegetables and fruit being grown in the Moat at The Tower of London, allotments style, with Tower Bridge in the background. It reminds us how seriously the Nation responded to the need for everyone to help the war effort, while the enemy was trying to starve us by sinking ships bringing food to the UK. Here, at this medieval Castle at the centre of London history, Beefeaters and other staff at the Tower were also busy with this vital work.

In my book, Poppies, Pomp And People, I considered the way in which the Tower is used for promotions, corpotate events and other use today. The rich tradition of ‘sharing’ the Moat continues and I reproduce a piece from the book below:

‘I have listened to many different points of view about the best ways to utilise the Tower’s historical moat. Traditionalists argue that it should remain unspoiled, local residents bemoan its ugliness following use by marquees, and others champion the facility for marketing and promoting ‘today’s Tower.’If you want to purchase a signed copy of Poppies, Pomp And People, just use this link.

Poppies, Pomp And People- Extract From August 2015

Jousting At The Tower Of London

Authentic, historical Jousting Event at the Tower of London

August 1st and 2nd: Jousting Tournament, 11.30 and 4.30 pm

Not since the Tudor period has the Tower hosted a traditional jousting tournament. Henry VIII and his new Queen, Anne Boleyn, were to be seen in the moat, watching as the knights fought it out with each other (though thankfully not to the death, this time).

Chris Gidlow ( live interpretation Manager at Historic Royal Palaces) says: We made sure that the characters jousting were known people and we talked about who they were and how they were connected to each other, like Sir Nicholas Carew was one of the Tower victims, as it turns out, so we did his story. Henry Grey, Jane Grey’s father, was also one of the participants. That tournament was an absolute labour of love for me, so enjoyable to put together, and I look forward to many more.

Video About The Tower of London

This video has just been given to me as a gift by a talented young man from Moldova called Ilie Tilica. He read my book Poppies Pomp and People and loved visiting the Tower of London; he says he really enjoyed making this video and hopes others will enjoy it-

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