My Talk At The Guildhall Library Yesterday

Christopher West Talking At The GuildhallLibrary in London
Christopher West Talking At The Guildhall Library in London

My thanks to the excellent audience yesterday at the Guildhall Library. I always enjoy giving Talks there and people were delighted to see my own treasured ceramic Poppy. These Talks are for anyone who wants to come, not just to sell and promote my book, but for anyone interested to learn more about life at The Tower Of London. My next Talk will be at the Barbican Library on the 20th September, then at the Guildhall Library on the 28th September. To buy the book, click here.For details about further Talks, click here.


Talk + Book Signing At The Barbican Library Wed 28th June 12.30 to 1.30 p.m.

The Barbican is a favourite venue for me. Please come along to the free Talk, then buy a signed copy and  enjoy looking around this famous site.

The Talk will be light but informative, about why and how the book was written; the Foreward is by Lord Dannatt. Various aspects of how the Tower is run will be explained, referring specially to the hundred and fifty people who reside there. Mention will also be made about how the phenomenal ‘Poppies In The Moat’ was achieved. Signed copies of the book will be available for anyone who wants to purchase.

Poppies, Pomp And People Talk + Book Signing Event At The Barbican Library


This is one of my favourite venues in London, so it’s exciting for me to hold an event there. I keep these talks light and enjoyable- there is usually someone in the audiencsparedscn2324_orige who volunteered to plant poppies in the Moat during the phenomenal ‘Poppies In The Moat’ event in 2014, so it’s extra special listening to them describing that experience.