More About The Dunkirk Veterans Featured At St Katharine Docks, During The Recent Classic Boats Festival

Fourteen of the Dunkirk veteran boats on show at the 2017 Classic Boats Festival at St Katharine Docks.
Original Dunkirk Veterans Boats Which Saved Many Thousands Of LIves, Rescuing Soldiers Off The Beaches At Dunkirk   Gallery

Last week, on display at St Katharine Docks, were fourteen of the boats which gallantly went across to Dunkirk in the Second World War, saving many thousands of British and French soldiers from being trapped on the beaches by the the German Army. The article detailed below tells much more of the story. 

  • George Wagner was just nineteen years old when he was trapped in Dunkirk 
  • He remembers driving lorries into the water to help create a makeshift pier
  • Wagner, 97, eventually returned to France as part of the D-Day landings
  • He and Prince Harry attended a private screening of the new Dunkirk movie
  • Prince Harry Acompanying Dunkirk Veteran George Wagner To Watch the film Dunkirk
    Prince Harry accompanied George Wagner to a private screening of the film Dunkirk

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