What The Dickens? The Spectator Reaches Highest Circulation In 189 Years

Congratulations to the Spectator, which has just announced it highest circulation in its 189 years history.

This is despite all the online competition and decline in traditional sales generally. I ‘m sure that Dickens would be very proud and admiring of this continued, incredible success. Mr Dickens, no doubt, influenced Britain’s society much more than the Spectator during his own lifetime, and the Spectator is likely to pay tribute similarly, also acknowledging his influence on the early years of their journal and aspirations. The Spectator was quite withering in its long and detailed review of Bleak House (link below) and is well worth reading. I am pleased to copy one of their tributes to him, also taken from the review.

  ‘If Mr. Dickens were now for the first time before the public, we should have found our space fully occupied in drawing attention to his wit, his invention, his eye for common life, for common men and women, for the everyday aspect of streets and houses, his ten- dency to delineate the affections and the humours rather than the passions of mankind ; and his defects would have served but to shade and modify the praises that flow forth willingly at the ap- pearance among us of a true and original genius.’



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