My Next Talk + Book Signing At Peckham Library Friday 7th July

I am looking forward to visiting Peckham and holding my next event in this prize winning venue, in the Meeting Room Pod, no less. In another hat, I point out that Charles Dickens bought a house here in Peckham for his mistress, Nel Ternan- Peckham’s history is fascinating.

Wikipedia describes the library as a striking building best imagined as an inverted capital letter ‘L’, with the upper part supported by thin steel pillars set at apparently random angles. The exterior is clad with pre-patinated copper. The Stirling prize judges were impressed with the building’s approach. Alsop (architect) has taken the plan footprint of a conventional library and elevated it to create a public space beneath the building and to remove the quiet reading space from street level noise.

People always enjoy these Talks and Poppies, Pomp and People makes a good present for family and friends interested in our heritage and history. Please just come along or get a free ticket from:

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