New Dokke Restaurant at St Katharine Docks, deserves extra special mention.



The new Dokke Restaurant, recently opened at St Katharine Docks, deserves extra special mention. Chef Neil Wager is the new owner and is now totally absorbed running his restaurant; he shows boundless experience and flair and seems to be off to a flying start. What people may not be aware of, is the previous months and months of long hours,stripping back and preparing the ‘shell’ of the building leased to him; which dates back to the early 1850’s when Ivory House was built. I briefly chatted with Neil many times during that period, when he was beavering away scraping walls, sawing wood etc and guess that this labour was part of what he wanted, to make himself part of the place, to identify and grow into it, which he has achieved. There has been a ‘dokke’ at St Katharine’s for many hundreds of years, helping the previous community of 4000 residents to trade and thrive until it was all thrown aside to make way for the famous Telford Docks, which opened in 1828. Neil knows that many of the worlds luxury items, including oriental herbs, spices, teas and brandies, were traded and stored near where his customers are now enjoying their meals and fine views of the Marina. So Neil has already well earned his place in St Katharine’s, bringing to us his own international knowledge and culinary ideas.

Dokke Restaurant, St Katharine Docks, London
Excellent new restaurant, recently opened at St Katharine Docks.

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