Dickens, Justice and Elephants

elephantMy interest in Dickens is very extensive, not least his views about the need for justice and fair play. Aditional to my books and St Katharine’s work, I feel deeply influenced by Charles Dickens, hence my numerous talks on the subject. Dickens was powerfully motivated against injustice of all kinds, from complex legal and government issues to class unfairness and straightforward cruelty- he would have been passionately upset and concerned about this ghastly elephant abuse. He would have been very proud of the people organising this campaign and would have written influential letters and articles to expose this horrible injustice. Incidentally, many people know about how he thankfully saved Great Ormond Street Hospital, but fewer know that he was similarly a great friend and benefactor to Battersea Dogs Home.

Please pass on this information and sign the petition- collectively we can make a difference and demonstrate our humanity.


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