New To WordPress + Brought Back From The Brink!

Just reluctantly upgraded to ‘business’ level yesterday evening and hoped to rely on the ‘chat’ system to help me with a change I regarded as important. To my dismay, I only received an answer that ‘they were working on it.’ I sent several other messages without success and wasting a lot of time,  then later checked my emails and found message answers saying ‘be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.’ I collapsed exhausted in bed for the night, dreading a further lost battle the next day. On opening my emails this morning, I was saved from further despair by a WordPress email from  Chaitanya- he gave me the simple information that the service was ‘unmanned at the time I was trying + helpfully gave the information I was seeking. I have thanked Chaitanya for using his initiative and asked him to point out to his senior colleagues that a simple reply to my chat request could have let know that support wasn’t available at that time.

Yes I am quite elderly and not extra computer / website savvy, but can still write good books etc. Am I half daft not to have understood and sat like a stuffed duck waiting for a reply that wouldn’t come? Would a course in clairvoyance help maybe? Should I gracefully give up altogether and just buy a shawl and sit in a rocking chair staring at poor television for the rest of my days?

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