Collaboration At The Tower Of London

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration The Tower of London is such a small area that collaboration between different parties needs to be expert and to a continual high standard. From the thousands of visitors touring each day, 1000 (average) are schoolchildren arriving in groups, who need to be guided around so that they don’t clash with the conducted tours run by the yeoman warders (usually 200+), nor must they entangle with the large groups of people watching events put on by the professional actors or the people who prefer to wander around on their own. Collaboration between staff foremost looking after the Nation’s heritage and those doing their best to ensure every single visitor gets the best experience possible is also paramount. This all involves intricate planning, with numerous daily diaries, programmes and other documents. Sophisticated communication includes innumerable meetings, using phones, short wave radio, tv monitoring systems and occasional fast runs! Supplies and deliveries is another planning nightmare, as well as cleaning, maintenance and repairs. After the daytime visitors leave, the evening activities begin. The site would quickly lead to shutdown and chaos without  the intricate skills, training and experience of senior management and, in particular, the Yeoman Body- this shines in quality and high performance, a fine model for other more junior staff to copy, all helping to ensure efficiency and aspiration towards excellence.  4. crawford

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