St Katharine Docks For Sale Again (2).

The Story Of St Katharine's CoverCurrent owner Blackstone have now put  St Katharine Docks back on the market. I haven’t had time yet to update the book to include this latest purchase, so hopes are dashed to have a reprint available for late summer.

Some investment has been made to restore historical aspects, though much work remains on the list. Hopefully a new owner will understand and appreciate the heritage of this small area, in the shadow of Tower Bridge, our next door neighbours are the Tower of London, the City of London and historic Wapping. An ancient Hospital, church and 4000 people lived and thrived here for seven hundred years until all was swept aside to make way for the Telford Docks, which traded world wide in luxury items, so we now have Ivory House, Marble Quay and The Telford Bridge, (to name just three of our current treasures).

Preserving heritage is not expensive comparatively and should easily coexist with modernisation and satisfying customer needs. These owners are making megabucks on their investment opportunities, so can easily afford the investment necessary to preserve and enhance our heritage.  St Katharine’s is invaluable, care and attention needs to be paid to its heritage so that it can continue to thrive like its excellent neighbour, the Tower of London.


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  1. hello Chris., sorry about St Thomas’s, my sister said the view was lovely when she was in there but the food was awful, her husband a doctor at King’s had to bring in sandwiches for her. Your book is on the shelf opposite me as I write, one of my “Bibles”. I am so old I remember St. Kath’s during the Blitz when the warehouses were all alight around.
    Betty Telford (Madley Hfd.)

    1. Wow, this is incredible, thank you. You will recall me saying in the book about how the RAF reported that smoke went higher in the air from the burning St Katharine Docks fire than they had ever sighted before! I will be doing talks soon about ‘Poppies, Pomp and People’ in Dulwich, Peckham, Victoria and at the Barbican- please let me know if you would like to come along- I would be delighted to meet you. Incidentally, the food was much better at St Thomas’s than for your sister’s bad experience.
      Best wishes


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