Near Disaster That Turned Out Well At The Winston Churchill Theatre, Ruislip!

I have taken this text from a report in a local newspaper. I was not thrilled with the organiser- following the original booking, she hadn’t answered my several emails and phone calls and I haven’t received any apology!
‘Thankfully, the lovely audience that arrived for Christopher West’s talk on Friday morning managed to enjoy the presentation about his new book Poppies, Pomp and 20170127-DSC06545People. It was about a year at the Tower of London and included explaining how the phenomenal ‘Poppies In The Moat’ was achieved. What they hadn’t known was that the organiser didn’t turn up with a projector and screen to enable him to dazzle them with great photos of rarely seen goings on at the Tower! He had to quickly adapt from a carefully prepared powerpoint presentation to an ‘amusing chat without illustrations!’ The people were marvellous and Churchill would have been proud, though no thanks to the organisers- a less experienced speaker would have been gutted. He says he was exhausted but delighted because everyone enjoyed themselves and many bought the book (profits will go to appropriate charities) + he specially wanted to thank the excellent caretaker and Pauline House who organised the coffees.’

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