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What’s Happening?

I’m consolidating my three interests onto this one WordPress site to save people from needing to flit from one website to the next. I’m so grateful to everyone who has followed me and stayed in touch- please continue to support and keep pointing me in the right direction.


 Poppies, Pomp and People,  is now on sale. It describes a year in the life of the Tower of London (2015) and tells how the world-renowned Poppies phenomenon was completed in the moat during 2014. The Foreward is by Lord Dannatt. This blog will gradually replace the one on

My new book is about a year at the Tower of London
My new book is about a year at the Tower of London

The Story Of St Katharine’s, also on sale, describes St Katharine’s (where I live and love). It explains from the original Hospital and Church, founded in 1148, with 4000 people who lived here and were removed to build Telford’s famous St Katharine Docks, right up to today and our world renowned St Katharine Docks. More information about St Katharine’s is on my other website

The Story Of St Katharine's Cover
The Story Of St Katharine’s, by Christopher West

Charles Dickens London, which describes my interest in the life of Charles Dickens and my public talks. This site will replace

Yours Truly As Charles Dickens London